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LiveDeen aims to connect you to the Deen of Allah, and to His people. Together in this quest for Jannah, we hope to help one another stay firm on the Book of Allah. Our audience is diverse, belonging to different strata of the Pakistani community be it Muslim or Non-Muslim.
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Event You Just Missed From House To Home

From House to Home is a talk whereby Sheikh Abu Eesa Niamatullah is expected to clear any and all doubts that we may have about dealing with relations, and practical steps on how we can make them better. You shall find out:

- Who exactly is family, and who isn’t
– Who is to receive the utmost care and obedience and who comes after…
– What do I owe my family
– Do I even owe my in-laws, and in what regard
– How to combat family challenges

The enigmatic presence of AE, combined with his knowledge, and expertise regarding the topic (he teaches an Al Maghrib course on Imam AnNawawi’s Adab alMufrad) shall be one sound experience Insha Allah. Make sure you get your tickets!

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Special Message From Sheikh Abu Eesa

Journey Of Livedeen

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Fix Yourself

Why Bother ? Its Just Sunnah

Community Matters

Shaikh Yaser Birjas started with the example of Prophet Yusuf (peace be upon him), when he was given the opportunity by the king of Egypt to ask anything, he asked for the position of treasurer. Prophet Yusuf (peace be upon him) used his expertise to create a system to save the society around him from the coming drought.

The Great Deception

This event was held on 23rd February 2014 . John Fountain also took part in the talk and contributed his experience of Islam , and shed light on importance of Dawah.


“It encouraged me to learn Quran and Sunnah, and act upon those teachings in my life.”
Zia Muneer, IBA
Noting is too expensive if it can somehow straighten my life here and prepare me for janat-ul-firdous, me, my friends, family etc. And to save us all from torturous hell.
Samina Wasif Majeed, Alhuda & Quran Academy
Islam is not as difficult as we make it. Don’t get involved in controversies, just follow the Quran. Keep up the good work. Those who want to benefit do benefit from these lectures.
Sudais Abdullah
My 8 year old daughter said to her mother after returning from yesterday’s LiveDeen event “I am missing LiveDeen event so much”. On the second day, her dad still feel nostalgic about yesterday’s event. It seems I am still not back completely.”