Introduction of the Theme “Grounding the Greatness”:

With the challenges that surround us today, LiveDeen has organised this competition to help motivate the youth to stand up against all odds, potentially change the crisis into opportunities within the available resources, and make a difference for the world around them. 

By Grounding the Greatness, we mean what Dr Muhammad Iqbal has tried to convey,

Immerse yourself in yourself, my forgetful one, this is the secret of life;
Come out from the fetters of evening and morning, become immortal.
On the battle‐field of life adopt the nature of steel;
In the bed‐chamber of love become as soft as silk and painted brocade.
Pass like a river in full spate through the mountains and the deserts;
If the garden should come your way, then become a melodiously singing stream.
There is no limit to your knowledge and love;
In the instrument of nature there is no sweeter song than you.
(Emergence of Islam)

University as Beneficiary:

On registration, honourable university will be able to;

  • Considered as and Academic Partner for Social Impact Entrepreneur Solutions Contest
  • The Insignia will be engraved on the backdrop of the main conference hall.
  • Assign one of the faculty member as Mentor of the Day for the contest
  • The participants will be certified by the Pakistan Institute of Management, which is affiliated with Ministry of Industries and Production Gov. of Pakistan

Students as Beneficiary:

On registration, students will be able to;

  • Get the advantage of exposure of sharing their social entrepreneur project with diverse audience
  • Well-presented project may be able to gain the sponsorship from the heads of NGOs or corporate sector.
  • Attend exclusive two hours power talk by the giants of the academia
  • Receive guidance and advice on one on one basis by a group intellectuals, trainers and professional experts of both education and corporate sector
  • Earn the Seed Money as Prize for their project
  • Will be appreciated and acknowledged in front of the highly reputed international scholars
  • Female led projects and Male led projects will be evaluated separately, hence will have equal opportunity of winning the prizes.

Who can enter?

(Terms & Conditions)

You are eligible to enter if;

  1. You have an original and innovative idea of an enterprise which contributes in resolving social problems. OR

You are operating such an enterprise in the form of a business, a non-profit organisation or an informal program which benefits the society at large.

  1. You are able to present your idea of social entrepreneurial solution in form of model, object, presentation (video, application) etc.
  2. You are able to provide the details of entrepreneurial vision, feasibility, innovation, social impact, and sustainability.

How can I Enter?


Provide the following details in online registration form;

  • Your business idea
  • Need and/or solution being filled
  • Product and/or service
  • Market size
  • Target customer
  • Revenue streams
  • Management team
  • Strategy to market
  • Funding requirements, if any


The Registration Form must be completely filled out and submitted before 18th January, 2020


No Registration Fees


Date: 26th Jan, 2020

Registered contestants will be informed of the venue and time prior to the event


Entrepreneur Solutions will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  Conceptual Framework (30%)

Development – structure, organisation, and support material

Effectiveness – achievement of purpose, interest, and audience reception

Value – ideas, logic and originality of thoughts

Innovative Solution (30%)

Relative Advantage – improvement in service and productivity, reduced waste and saving

of time, money, space or storage

Compatibility – harmonizing with the lifestyle of the user

Simplicity – easy to understand and work with

Trail-ability – able to run a test

Construction of Prototype (20%)

Appropriateness – in reference of framework

Stability_ physical

Presentation (20%) of contestant

Physical – appearance, body language, and speaking area

Manner – directness, assurance, and enthusiasm

Voice – flexibility and volume


The wining projects will be awarded with Prize Money Rs. 75,000/- each for female led groups and male led groups



The participant(s) need to be professionally and modestly dressed, displaying their university identity cards on their person.



  1. Each individual/group must display their idea in concrete manner. The idea should represent a solution of problems relevant to Pakistan’s social scenario.
  2. Contestants need to reach the designated venue one hour prior to the stated time with their model and the relevant material
  3. Late submission of registrations and/or late arrival at the venue will not be entertained
  4. We would prefer for the contestants to attend the whole day conference along with their supervisors/ group members
  5. The registered projects will be short listed on the given criteria of evaluation. Only top 20 project ideas/ prototypes will be invited for the final round
  6. The short listed project teams will be informed, on which they need to pay a sum of 2,500/- as registration fee.
  7. The complete registration forms need to be submitted by the due date through online:
  8. The university will be allowed to bring 3 students as viewers to support their representative(s) while accompanied by the supervisor. No extra amount will be charged.
  9. The university’s representing participant(s) and students need to be professionally and modestly dressed, displaying their university identity cards on their person.
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