Do you remember studying the seerah? Recall how the heart would suddenly start beating faster on the mention of opposition from the Quraish and the pounding of blood as the battles would draw closer?

The battles were one of the best parts. Maybe you imagined yourself amongst the throng of soldiers and saw all the great companions in your mind’s eye? And went up to RasulAllah sallallaho ‘alaihi wasallam to say something but were content to simply watch?

And then the revelations! Perhaps when studying tafseer you would come across the context and aftermath of a certain verse in the Quran and your chest would swell with the burst of emotions coursing through it – the companions were THAT amazing? So quick were they to emulate the messenger sallallaho ‘alaihi wasallam, so ready to give and give or act upon a verse revealed.

And then you read about the blessed people who came after the companions, walked the streets they walked with Muhammad sallallaho ‘alaihi wasallam, wrote their talk and taught it to others…

What if we told you we hope to recreate those awe-inspiring moments and epiphanies for you? It is the absolute truth for at Faith – Reviving the Legacy, the theme of all the cool and great Muslims runs true!

There shall be talk of the great gems that the lives of those personalities shone with, workshops helping us to inculcate the very same gems into our lives, presentations sharing stories and hopes and fears and laughter and tears and so much more..!

Vision –  LeadershipHonouring the guestsSacrifice and PatienceTaqwaQuest of Ilm 
JusticeHayaaSincerity and Honesty

And the best part – all this being conducted by the giants of speakers of our times, people you love and look up to and they make you feel like one of their own.

Do you have children? Perhaps a little tyke you hope would grow up to love the Prophet sallallaho ‘alaihi wasallam and those who loved him best? We have planned just the thing in the form of a Kids’ Area (set up in collaboration with Hiba Magazine) where they shall learn and keep entertained with the best people as you take part in the classroom activities in sha Allah!

Do you remember how you had enjoyed the last time LiveDeen exclusively brought you its Faith Conference? For us back at LiveDeen, it was a new beginning!

Cliched as it may sound, it could not be truer for the conference meant new friendships, amazing speakers before one’s very eyes, lasting bonds forged over dead feet and hurried dinners taken together over the ballroom floor, and the feeling of bliss when attendees would go in raptures over how absolutely amazing it all was.

You can be sure of the awesomeness for this one promises to be bigger (it’s a 2-day conference!), better, and all things beautiful insha Allah. The conference features lectures, workshops, one-on-one interactions and an exclusive Kids’ Area! Registration’s now open at

Theme Day 1

Struggle & Courage

Theme Day 2

Iman & Taqwa

Detailed Schedule

All The Speakers will be speaking on Both Days ,
The exact schedule with topics will be revealed few days before the Conference.

The conference Faith – Reviving The Legacy will be held on 22nd and 23rd August ( Saturday and Sunday ) at Karachi Mariott Hotel


Both Days – 5000 ( Discounted – 4000 Rs – Valid Till 21st August )
Single Day – 2000


Both Days – 3000 ( Discounted – 2500 Rs – Valid Till 21st August)
Single Day – 1250