1. Deen cannot be sold.
And may Allah protect us from being the ones who ever even contemplate it! We only request a small sum to facilitate learning. Our predecessors would spend any and all material wealth that they could spare, just to get to that precious bit of knowledge; why can we spend on all but¬†Allah’s Deen..?

2. Why should we come when we can watch the lecture on the internet?
A. First, the content may not be the same. Second, sitting together for discussion has added barakah; it unlocks knowledge and answers questions like no other. Third, the talks organised by LiveDeen now feature speakers flying in from abroad. Fourth, the scribes of hadith would travel for days, cross oceans in order to get to a single bit of hadith; why don’t we put in our share too?

3. How can the simplicity of Islam be portrayed in a luxurious hotel?
The hotel is a mere medium, with good parking, security and ambience. The important thing is acquiring knowledge, and the hotel facilitates us in acquiring that precious knowledge of the Deen, Alhamdulillah.

4. Why are you only preaching to the elite, aka rich?
We target the english speaking strata, not only elites. that is why we give special discounts to the youth.
But elites are one of our target audience as RasulAllah (s) started preaching with the leaders of Quraysh, the highest members of the social hierarchy. The elite are usually the ones being followed and idealized by the whole society. Should they conform to Islam (Insha Allah), the rest of the society follows.

5. Is LiveDeen an organisation?
Yes, we are an organised group of people whose purpose is to connect people to Allah, and bring them to Islam so they can lead a more meaningful life; we do not earn through LiveDeen.

6. Why do you charge for your tickets?
LiveDeen charges its attendees a minimal amount that helps us (to an extent) to bear the costs incurred on the workshop.

7. I cannot afford the ticket, but I really wish to attend the workshop. What do I do?
You can write to us at info@livedeen.com, inbox the LiveDeen Facebook page, or contact any of the volunteers. We always try to sponsor those sincere in the quest for knowledge.

8. Being a volunteer looks really cool! How can I join?
Fill the feedback form and check the appropriate boxes for volunteering. If we require your valuable help, we shall contact you Insha Allah. Right now, we are short on people who can help us with content, and graphics.

9. How can we get the speaker at our university?
A. Contact one of the volunteers and they can find out for you if this is indeed possible. The speakers are usually in Pakistan for a short time and the tour is planned for weeks in advance.

10. How much does the ticket cost?
A. It is PKR750/- for students and PKR1250/- for adults (the cost of the ticket may be subject to change without notice). We offer discounts as well.

11. Why are the refreshments always the same?
A. Er- we shall have to get back to you on that one.