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1012, 2018


710, 2015

Conference Resources

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2107, 2015

House to Home – Abu Eesa Niamatullah [ Video ]

2107, 2015

What Makes Me A Muslim – Dr Bilal Philips [ Video ]

2703, 2015

Fix Yourself – Wael Ibrahim [ Video ]

Fix Yourself - A cure for the heart and the tongue.

1003, 2015

Dust To Dust – Gabriel Romaani [ Video ]

Between a lowly beginning and an inevitable return to the earth,Man has no room for pride

2112, 2014

Community Matters

Shaikh Yaser Birjas started with the example of Prophet Yusuf (peace be upon him), when he was given the opportunity by the king of Egypt to ask anything, he asked for the position of treasurer. Prophet Yusuf (peace be upon him) used his expertise to create a system to save the society around him from the coming drought.

1912, 2014

The Great Deception [ Video ]

This event was held on 23rd February 2014 . John Fountain also took part in the talk and contributed his experience of Islam , and shed light on importance of Dawah.

1912, 2014

People Of Substance – Live Deen

People Of Substance – A session by Bro Nouman Ali Khan, which led me to rediscover my lost orientation. It was indeed one of the most profound and promising sessions which engraved its impact deep down somewhere in my heart. […]