The Justice of ‘Umar (radhiAllahu ‘anhu)

The Prophet said, “If there were to be a prophet after me, indeed he would be ‘Umar, son of Khattab.”

History does not produce men like ‘Umar often. He was a person from whom truth flowed naturally; a […]

Conference Resources

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Exemplar of this Ummah by Sheikh Abu Eesa Niamatullah

My proposed lecture title was, Pakistan and India through the ages in the real battle, that is cricket. But all these bearded ulema want me to talk about Islam and all you know. So that will have to be some […]

The Steadfast Heart by Qari Sohaib Ahmed Meer Muhammadi

The time is running out for your Maghrib salah. It’s getting darker outside. You know you don’t have much time left, but-

I have to see what happens next! Just five more minutes, and I’ll go.

Just let me finish this chapter, and then […]

The Struggle of the Legends By Br Adnan Rashid

People often say that he wears a black shalwar kameez, and just so he could refute this, Brother Adnan Rashid wore a green coloured one the first day of the conference. Referring to Musa’s ‘alaihissalam story, he told us how […]

House to Home – Abu Eesa Niamatullah [ Video ]

What Makes Me A Muslim – Dr Bilal Philips [ Video ]

Fix Yourself – Wael Ibrahim [ Video ]

Fix Yourself - A cure for the heart and the tongue.

Dust To Dust – Gabriel Romaani [ Video ]

Between a lowly beginning and an inevitable return to the earth,Man has no room for pride