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What makes life extraordinary? How can you master your emotions in a way that you set yourself up for an extraordinary life? Challenges will always come your way but…how do you respond to them? Do you let them turn you into a victim or do you grow from them with grace?

More often than not, people KNOW they want to be better but just don’t have the right tools or mindset to step into that identity. In order to help sisters reach to the next level and shift their mindsets, we have collaborated with different national and international speakers to bring forth a conference unlike any other: The Meaningful Muslimah…Parts of a Whole.

In this four-hour conference Sister Hannah Sattar , Sister Sumaiya Afzal , Sister Aiasha Amir and a sister whose name will be revealed soon…will delve into core components of different areas of life. You will learn about the nature of true love, finding the perfect balance in life, raising your self-esteem and the art of forbearance.

The diversity in these topics will allow you to change the lens you see yourself and the world through.


Panel Discussion

Towards the end of this enlightening conference, a panel discussion will be held with three of the guest speakers. They will come together to leave you with many rich, meaningful and powerful insights so you can ponder over them and shift the paradigm of your life.


There will be a variety of stalls with attractive items set up at the venue. Join us at this one-of-a-kind conference with rich learnings and a chance to shop from your choice of gift items, scarves, abayas, magazines and CDs of LiveDeen’s past events.

Counselling Session

As a special gesture of gratitude, we have arranged for the attendees of this event to get a chance to have a FREE one-on-one counselling session with our speakers! For more details about how you can avail this opportunity, check out the ‘counselling session insight’ section on our website.

LiveDeen KidsZone Session

LiveDeen KidsZone aims to pave a way for the littles to create a stronger bond with Allah by sowing seeds of exciting fun filled sessions based on stories from the Qur’an and Sunnahs. Further showered with Islamic etiquettes and fertilised with arts & crafts, role play, games and much more!

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Speakers profiles


Aiasha Amir Khan is an author, an inspirational speaker, the head of Ta’meer online institute, project head of Sanctity of Human Life and an instructor of Al-ilm, Azan and LiveDeen institutes.

She believes that growth is a life-long journey. She is driven and committed to evoking the love of Islam into the hearts of Muslim women. Her aim is to equip them with a proper value structure so they practice Islam confidentally and gracefully.

She holds a double B.Sc degree from Punjab University in Biology and Chemistry. Throughout her life she has studied the Quran with various teachers in onsite and online academies. She has completed courses on Nahw, Sarf and Balaghah. She has studied Lughah, Arabic Grammar and Tajweed under various teachers to get a perfect grip on all four schools of thoughts.

She joined the administration of Al-Ilm institute and later became a trainer there, teaching Tajweed for three years in a weekly women’s program. She is currently teaching various short and in-depth courses through Tameer Online Institute. She gives monthly talks on a diverse range of topics in order to touch people’s hearts and give them a fresh perspective.


Sister Sumaiya Afzal is a dedicated educationist, a Certified Life Coach from MUMKIN and a Senior Academy Coach currently getting an advanced degree in Psychology from Australia.

She is passionate about helping women heal from emotional trauma and manage their challenges using practical solutions. She believes that in order to live a compelling life one must always seek meaning in every challenge and experience. Having been a single mother to her children, she leverages her own experiences to help others recognize and overcome their challenges so they can navigate through life with grace and gratitude.

She helps women grow in their personal and professional lives through teaching them how to shift their limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs, changing their unproductive habits, attitudes and even breaking free of any addictions. She combines her knowledge of the Quran with practical tools to help people achieve breakthroughs and enhance the quality of their lives significantly.


Sara Asif is a dynamic speaker, a teacher of Tafseer & Hadith and a mentor. She has done her Bachelors in English Literature, Mathematics and Economics. She is an active seeker of knowledge who has completed an Islamic Studies Course with Huma Najmul Hassan at Al Ilm Institute and multiple other online and on-site courses with various teachers.

She has been a teacher and coordinator at Al-Ilm institute for over 15 years, conducted Time and Sleep Management workshops, taught Tafseer,  Tazkiya-e-Nafs, Fiqh of Love and Marriage, History and Importance of Hadith and many other subjects at Al-Ilm. She is also a founding member of Perceptions, The Elements, Soulful Salah and WaterWise.

Sister Sara has a profound gift of captivating her audience and always ensures her lectures are thought provoking. She is passionate about inspiring people to constantly keep striving to become the best version of themselves and live compelling, meaningful lives.


Hannah Sattar is an International Speaker, Educator, Trainer, Counsellor, Instructor and a life-long student of the Quran. She has a Diploma in Quran Tafseer & Sahih Bukhari from Daruz Zikr, Saudi Arabia. She holds a Masters degree in Islamic Studies and has done her BS majoring in psychology and education from University of Illinois, Chicago.

She is passionate about inspiring the youth to rekindle their relationship with Allah. With a profound understanding of the human mind, she aspires to connect her learnings of the Quran with human psychology to touch people’s hearts and entice them to transform their lives.

Counciling session insight

Sisters Aiasha Amir, Hannah Sattar and Sumaiya Afzal will be giving free 1:1 counselling sessions at the event. There will be a registration link provided pre-event for all those who are interested. Once you have signed up, you will be allocated with a time slot for your session.

 Kindly note that this session is for sisters who are attending the conference. Moreover, only those who sign up online pre-event will be accommodated – there will be no slots available on the event day.

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Topic: Meaningful Muslimah

Venue: Karachi Marriott Hotel

Speakers: Aiasha Amir  – Hannah Sattar – Sumaiyya Afzal

Surprise Guest speaker

Day: Thursday 30th December

Time 9 am to 1 pm

Regular Price For Adult: Rs 2000/-

Early bird For Adults till 23th December Rs 2000 1600

Regular Price For Student: Rs 1600/-

Early bird For Students till 23th December Rs 1600 1300

Payment Details:
Meezan Bank
Guidance trust
0131- 0100986287



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