Faith Conference 2017 – Me , MySelf And I

It is distinctly unsettling to see matters unfolding themselves the wrong way up, and not being able to do anything about it.

That little boy getting beat up at the store, the poor cleaning lady quietly anguished because her brothers are cruel, the bank clerk clearly wasting your time, the salesmen having robbed you of your money in their slick manner, the rubbish rotting away on street corners…what could you do?

The best of people are those that bring most benefit to the rest of mankind.
[Daraqutni, Hasan]

But there are those brave and determined who take action. You hear of street schools in Karachi and your eyes mist up, brave youth take to the streets to clean up and a heartfelt prayer for them goes up from your insides, someone shows the warmongering states/statesmen a firm setdown and you think وَمَا تَوۡفِيقِىٓ إِلَّا بِٱللَّهِ‌ۚ  (My ability to do any thing comes from none but Allah.)* Indeed! But what should YOU do?  Read More

Events You Have Missed

Faith – Reviving The Legacy

Do you remember studying the seerah? Recall how the heart would suddenly start beating faster on the mention of opposition from the Quraish and the pounding of blood as the battles would draw closer?

The battles were one of the best parts. Maybe you imagined yourself amongst the throng of soldiers and saw all the great companions in your mind’s eye? And went up to RasulAllah sallallaho ‘alaihi wasallam to say something but were content to simply watch?

And then the revelations! Perhaps when studying tafseer you would come across the context and aftermath of a certain verse in the Quran and your chest would swell with the burst of emotions coursing through it – the companions were THAT amazing? So quick were they to emulate the messenger sallallaho ‘alaihi wasallam, so ready to give and give or act upon a verse revealed. … Read More

What Makes Me A Muslim

The days pass by
Each one bringing even more news of despair for Muslims
Along with the good that doesn’t get shouted often or loud enough…

Really, for a moment, just sit back quietly
And think… What Makes Me Muslim?

Probe inside and deeper,
Is it birth, society, your country, or your relatives,
Or is it the Quran, His Messenger, his signs?


From House To Home

Did she say that? Do you mean to say my aunt has invited my ex-fiance to the wedding?

Yeah, I did hear something to the effect.

That does it. This means the end of all relations between us. I am telling you now, I shall not talk to her again, nor am I ever visiting. You might go, I won’t.

Sound familiar? Replace ex-fiance with the relationship of your choice, and there you have it – the classic Pakistani tale when it comes to any wedding celebration.

You’re inviting that nephew? How could you -? You remember how rude he has been to me? I cannot accept your invitation brother. You can either invite him, or myself – make your choice.

Why the strong hatred? Knots of relationship have been tied for us by Allah. They may get frayed over time from lack of strengthening and misuse, but love and respect can make them good as new!

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