We the ‘Muslims’ are the descendants of these legendary beings who had the power and blessing of the ‘Creator of Everything’ behind them. Our enemies spent millenniums to somehow tarnish the image of our true role-models in an effort to bend our mind and will. Enemies of Islam know exactly how much potential lies within our way, the thought of another legend rising among us gives them sleepless nights.

It is high time, Muslims firmly believe that Islam is their religion and that its teachings are the only proper solution for mankind. Look at how the Prophet (SAW) transformed people from alcoholics, rapists, and illiterates to becoming scholars and the leaders of humanity. Look at what the Quran did to Umar (RA), who people said his donkey would believe before he did. Muslims before us simply helped those around them in any way they could, and made history in the process. Abu Dardaa (RA) & Umar (RA) crying together in the late hours of the night pondering about the trials of Akhirah and worries for the Ummah. Abdur-Rahman Ibn Awf (RA) who donated unfathomable hard earned wealth in sadqa out of fear of getting comfortable with the worldly life. Abdullah Ibn Hudhaifah (RA) crying tears of joy as the Byzantine king gets ready to throw him in the boiling pot of oil. Abdullah Ibn Salam (RA) adamant on truth regardless what his ancestors said or did.

Awais Qarni (ra) yearning to meet the Prophet ﷺ yet unable to because of him fulfilling the duty to his mother, following the Sunnah. Salahuddin (r.a) armor clad in the armament of faith, courage and prophetic path riding towards Al-Quds.

In the 6th century in Baghdad, there were a number of blind people, so the scholars met and asked each other in what ways they can help the blind, and finally decided to find an animal that could guide them around. The seeing-eye dog was an development of the Ummah you belong to. Imam Abu Hanifa (ra) being tortured and eventually dying for declining the post of Qadhi offered by Caliph Al-Mansur, he never wavered, remained steadfast and created foundations for spreading and preserving Islamic jurisprudence. The resonance of his soul reverberated in the same manner with Imam Al-Malik (ra), creating the Muattaa, solidifying the foundations of Islamic jurisprudence and producing a student the likes of Imam As-Shafii which the world till present acknowledges. A student who formulated the knowledge of Islamic jurisprudence in a framework which paved the way for the future generations to follow. The same very resonance entered into the soul of Imam Ahmed ibn Hanbal who created his Mussanad, yet acted upon it so diligently that it sustained him against the unjust state torture eventually making him victorious. His students Imam Muslim & Bukhari took the beacon of light and transferred it to the generations to come. Imam Bukhari was known to clean the floor of the masjid, covering spit and picking up anything dirty. He wasn’t just Bukhari because of Hadith, he was Bukhari because of what you didn’t see him do, because he had a relationship with Allah that put such blessings in his efforts that even after hundreds of years, no Muslim is ignorant of his name.

As we look to the standards above, let us ask, let’s ponder, who are we? Where do we come from? Do we fulfill the criteria and reach the merit of our pious predecessors?

Answer lies in knowledge hive of Uloom Al-Qura’an, Ilm al-Hadith, Uloom at-Tafsir, Fiqh al-Waqia’a and History of Islam. This can only be absorbed from places which house scholars, only once we drown ourselves in the air which they breathe can we learn what they learnt!

Anas Ibn Malik reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said,

Three things follow the funeral of a dead man. Two of them return and one remains: his family, his wealth, and his deeds. His family and wealth return, but his deeds remain.” (Bukhari & Muslim)

As Muslims, we have to steer ourselves to what is going to benefit us and ultimately, benefit others around us. With so much potential, simply dreaming is not enough.

Join us in the upcoming annual LiveDeen conference, “Leave A Legacy” to find out how to easily create a change around you that will no doubt leave its mark.

  1. Sheikh Hussain Yee Malaysia

Sheikh Abu Eesa UK

Sheikh Abu Abdissalam UK

Sheikh Yasir Fazzaga USA

Qari Saad Noumani Saudi Arabia

Br Adnan Rasheed UK

Br Kamran Kiyani

Br Sahil Adeem (tentative) Islamabad

Dr Zakir Naik Online (Tentative)

Ustadh Aarij Anwer Canda

Ustadh Asif Hirani USA

Oria Maqbool (tentative)

Speakers Session: These will feature the speaker sharing his knowledge and insight with the audience. In the middle and at the end of the session, the floor is open to questions.

Workshops: Focused training sessions with the speaker, including activities and discussions.

Speakers Spot: Chat with your favourite speaker or consult with them for your queries, they’re here for you!

Live Performances: Ranging from beautiful recitation to amazing poetry, there’s something for everyone.

Mothers’ Area: Mothers with little ones under five years of age can attend the sessions with their babies here.

Children’s Zone: An exclusive children’s area where your child is kept busy and entertained with fun activities as you go about the conference.

Sisters Only Sessions : Sessions exclusive to women by female scholars of the highest caliber incorporating discussions and training.

Stalls: An assortment of these to choose from scarves, jackets, books, magazines, and other cute paraphernalia!

Young Leadership Summit: An amazing opportunity for the Youth of the nation to express and exchange its ideas and innovative solutions. To resolve the exclusive challenges and obstacles at hand, the hitches that cripple us as an individual and as a society, day in and day out!

At the Summit, the promising youth of Pakistan will get an opportunity to showcase its talent in Faith Speech Contest, Faith Visual Contest and Social Impact Entrepreneur Solutions (link this with its page)

Be among the pioneers of a life changing experience by participating in the exciting yet competitive contests.[/fusion_tab][/fusion_tabs][/fullwidth]

It encouraged me to learn Quran and Sunnah, and act upon those teachings in my life.

Zia Muneer
Student IBA

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