The Greatest Act Of Worship Is Tawheed

The Worship of God alone. The Greatest Sin Is Shirk, To Associate Partners With God.

Light Of Guidance

Fundamentals Of Faith

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This simple concept was the message of ALL of the prophets.
“And We certainly sent into every nation a messenger, [saying], “Worship Allah and shun false deities.” (Surat Al-Nahl v. 36)


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  • The story of the beginning: Tawheed amongst the earliest prophets; Adam, Noah, and their peoples.
  • The meaning of Tawheed; it’s categorizations
  • The meaning of the kalima, La ilaha illa Allah, its blessings, conditions, and nullifiers
  • Shirk and its manifestations in speech, action, and beliefThe objects of shirk amongst the ancients; idols, celestial bodies, and people vs shirk in modern times.
  • How to differentiate between major and minor shirk
  • Actions that diminish Tawheed The prophet Muhammad ﷺ protection of Tawheed in Islamic legislation
  • Matters related to Tawheed and Shirk; innovation, Love & DisavowalThe story of the end: the culmination of the struggle between Tawheed and shirk at the end of times.

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